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Pre & Post Natal Exercises – Pilates for Pregnancy

Pilates is a great way to stay in shape & connected
to your body throughout changes in your pregnancy.

It is a safe form of exercise for keeping your upper back & hips
strong and supple through the development of your pregnancy.

Pilates is particularly good at strengthening the pelvic floor to aid in comfort while carrying as well as helping with strength and endurance during labor. Maintaining a healthy upright posture and building up overall core strength is important throughout your pregnancy, and is especially beneficial after delivery when you will find yourself carrying your newborn, diaper bags, car seats, etc.

Pilates benefits for mothers:


Develops proper toning and conditioning to get into “birth shape”
Facilitates easier and shorter labor
Reduces stress and releases anxiety
Decreases low back, mid-back, and neck pain


Shortens birth recovery time
Prevents chronic musculoskeletal injuries e.g. carpal tunnel
Combats muscle atrophy and imbalances resulting from pregnancy ensuring lower back pain relief