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Relieve back pain for good with Pilates exercises!

The Practice of Pilates

Pilates focuses on core strength, posture, flexibility and balance. It also helps undo some of the effects of gravity (and working at a computer) by focusing on lengthening and strengthening the body.

Pilates Exercise builds strength without bulk, improves flexibility and agility which helps prevent injury to the muscles & body.

Chiropractors and Physical Therapists have been using Pilates for rehabilitation since WWII. It was later adopted by dancers and athletes to help them enhance every portion of their body.  Now millions of people are embracing Pilates no matter what their age or physical conditions.

Pilates is an effective workout for everyone!

Health Benefits of Pilates

  • Improve Posture
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Lower Back Pain Relief
  • Increase Core Strength
  • Develop Longer and Leaner Muscles
  • Improve Balance and Coordination
  • Improve Overall Sports Performance
  • Customizable for All Levels of Athlete
  • Excellent Form of Rehabilitation and/or Exercise

Most Effective for Lower Back Pain Relief

Pilates can provide exceptional relief for lower back pain that results from injury or muscle atrophy.

If you are in search of lower back pain relief, improved posture, hip strength, or increased core strength while maintaining flexible muscles, Pilates is key. Lower back pain exercises are combined with core abdominal strengthening for an incredible workout.

Relieve back pain for good with Pilates exercises!

To ensure a safe and effective approach to using Pilates for lower back pain it is vital that you thoroughly understand the basics of the Pilates method before beginning any Pilates back pain exercises.

It is very important to only work with a professional.

Pilates is very effective for an injury once the initial stages have passed to help heal as well as stretch and strengthen the area.

Relieve Pain, Increase Core Strength &
Develop Long, Lean Muscles

Let our fully trained instructors transform you from whatever shape you are currently in to a new graceful, sleek, healthy person you’ll be proud of!

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