How to Workout at Work: Chair Twist

How to Workout at Work: Chair Twist image

We don't all have the ability to kill calories & workout while we work, but Pilates can be done ANY WHERE! Here's a quick exercise to strengthen your hips while sitting through that conference call that you would rather skip!

Chair Twist

  1. Sit side saddle on the chair
  2. Sit up as tall as you can, feet on the floor
  3. Slowly twist toward the back of the chair
  4. Place one hand on either side of back of the chair
  5. Inhale, grow tall
  6. Exhale, twist
  7. Hold for three breaths
  8. Repeat, alternating, twice more on each side

Complete 3 reps, be grateful for Pilates AND proud of yourself for using your time wisely!

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