How to Workout at Work: Hitchhickers at Your Desk

How to Workout at Work: Hitchhikers at Your Desk image

We may not have the ability to do a full workout at work, but Pilates can be done ANY WHERE! Here’s another quick exercise to strengthen the upper back to counteract the slouched posture we often find ourselves in: sitting at a desk hunched over the computer.

Hitchhickers at Your Desk
    1. Sit up tall, abs pulled in, gaze straight ahead
    2. Lift arms out to a “T” shape, palms up, thumbs back
    3. Neck long, engage your upper back
    4. Slowly pull your thumbs back
    5. Breathe

Feel the expansion across your chest & collar bones!

  • Repeat 8-10 times.
  • Complete 3 reps, be grateful for Pilates AND proud of yourself for using your time wisely!

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