How to Workout at Work: Pelvic Tilts

How to Workout at Work: Pelvic Tilts image

With advice from Dr. Park for National Chiropractic Health Month, here are three movements to do every hour that can help reset your spine throughout your work day!

Pelvic Tilts

  1. Sit up straight, feet on the floor
  2. Exhale, tilt your pelvis backward pulling your abs in & pelvic floor up
  3. Inhale, tilt your pelvis forward, slightly arching your lower back, lift your chest & pelvic floor
Repeat 8 times in each direction.

Pelvic Lifts

  1. Sit up tall, keep your shoulders stable, maintain awareness of your abdominals
  2. Exhale, lift one hip slightly
  3. Inhale, lower the hip back down
  4. Exhale, lift the other hip slightly
  5. Inhale, lower the hip back down
Repeat 8 times each side.

Pelvic Circles

  1. Sit up tall, engage your abs with your breath
  2. Move your pelvis in a circular motion in one direction
  3. Repeat 6 times
  4. Reverse the circle and repeat 6 times

Do you feel uncoordinated while performing these movements? Maybe it’s time for another Pilates Session!

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