Meet the Wellness Team

At West LA Pilates we understand the importance of holistic care for the body and the mind.  We share the Studio with Chiropractor Dr. Wilson Park and Acupuncturist Dr. James Kelly to offer you alternative modalities to aid in your quest for health.

Plus, we have some of the most highly trained and experienced professionals in the Pilates business. Whatever your age, whatever the injury, our team can help you.

Patte James, Owner & Pilates Instructor

Patte James

Pilates Instructor, Studio Owner

Through West LA Pilates, I have helped thousands of people since 1998. After more than 8 years of pain due to a torn shoulder muscle and disk problems, I met a woman who radiated optimal health. Learning she was a Pilates instructor, I immediately signed up for her classes. With each workout, I felt my body heal and strengthen and soon fell in love with Pilates. At West LA Pilates, it is my mission to share this amazing technique with others, bringing them relief from pain, increasing their core strength, assisting in developing long, lean muscles and transforming their bodies for a new and improved lifestyle.

Dr. Wilson C. Park, D.C. C.C.F.C.

Dr. Wilson C. Park, D.C. C.C.F.C.

Dr. Park has dedicated his life to developing a biomechanical construct for an injury-free body. He has experience treating Olympians, professional athletes, and coaches in the most innovative ways to repair and maintain the body. Many of his therapies involve the use of digital gait analysis (the way you move and stand) and pioneering therapies such as light therapy to eliminated or reduce some of the most stubborn injuries ot the foot, knee, lower back, shoulder and neck.

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Dr. James Kelly L.Ac. M.T.O.M.

Dr. James Kelly L.Ac. M.T.O.M.

James Kelly L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist and holds a Masters degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine. James' twenty year background in movement and professional dance training provides a unique perspective on functional anatomy. He also brings extensive botanical and nutritional knowledge to his formulation of personalized herbal remedies. James treats a wide array of problems and specializes in treating chronic headaches, fatigue, menstrual irregularities, and allergy issues.

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Tomono McNamara, Pilates Instructor

Tomono McNamara


Tomono discovered Pilates in 2008 after relocating to Los Angeles from Japan, where she worked as a fitness and dance instructor for close to a decade. During her training she quickly realized the healing power of Pilates, deciding to make it her vocation. She received comprehensive teacher's training certifications from Body Art and Science International in January 2009 and has since worked with a vast array of clients, ranging from individuals in their 80's to collegiate athletes. Sharing the benefits of Pilates is Tomono's great joy and love!

Lucia Gervay, Pilates Instructor

Lucia Gervay


Lucia is a native of Brazil, where she worked for many years as Director and Coordinator of a prestigious health club, developing an effective weight loss-program that combined land & aquatic based training exercises which showed satisfactory improvements in posture, weight loss, self-image and well-being. Through her experience & approach to Pilates, she offers a progressive and innovative training that is accessible to anyone's needs, age and level. Lucia is Pilates certified by Equinox and BASI Pilates with a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education (Sao Paulo, Brazil) and holding various certifications in multiple levels & methods of Fitness Training.

Lee McCarthy, Pilates Instructor

Lee McCarthy


Lee, a Pilates instructor for 30 years, teaches with the philosophy that "everyone can move within their own capacity". As a former gymnast and dancer, Lee recognized the many benefits of the Pilates method. She has studied with Ron Fletcher and worked extensively in movement rehab. Lee draws from her mastery of movement in dance, gymnastics & Gyrotonics and incorporates these elements into each of her Pilates sessions. Lee's influences include master instructors Eva Nemeth, Ron Fletcher, Julie Horvath and Finis Jhung Ballet.

Brittany Worlinisky, Pilates Instructor

Brittany Worlinsky


Brittany is certified in the Classical style of Pilates from Jill Cassady's Pilates Technique Certification Program. Teaching with enthusiasm and passion, Brittany specializes in modified workouts accommodating clients pre-existing injuries and health conditions. She has taken specialized classes using the Pilates chair and reformer, as well as  workshops on lower body injuries, Pilates mat and the power of touch. With attention to detail, interest in the aesthetics of the human form and positive philosophy, Brittany believes that fitness is a natural part of life and an expression of self.

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