How to Workout at Work: Runners Lunge

How to workout at work: Runners Lunge

We don’t all have the ability to exercise at work, but Pilates can be done ANY WHERE! If you sit most of the day, your hip flexors and quadriceps muscles become tight. Take a few moments every couple of hours to get your blood flowing with this tension release for your hips.

Runners Lunge

  1. Hold on to your desk, step your feet wide
  2. Bend your front knee, keep it over your ankle, do not bend past your toes
  3. Tuck your pubic bone, lift your abs, and lift your chest
  4. Feel the stretch in your back leg hip flexor and front quadricep
  5. Hold for 30-60 seconds (don’t over do it, be gentle)
  6. Switch legs.
  7. Repeat once on both sides.

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