How to Workout at Work: Arms Overhead

How to Workout at Work: Arms Overhead image

We don’t all have the ability to exercise at work, but Pilates can be done ANY WHERE! Here’s a quick exercise to release neck & shoulder tension while sitting through that conference call that you would rather skip!

Arms Overhead: Release Neck & Upper Back Tension

  1. Stand up tall (or sit up as tall as you can, feet on the floor)
  2. Arms at your sides, palms out, thumbs back
  3. Engage your abdominals
  4. Inhale, lift arms out and up overhead, elbows straight*
  5. Exhale, release arms back down by your sides

Repeat 10 times.

*Only go as far as your shoulders will allow you today. With each rep, they will loosen and your range of motion will increase. If you have neck disc issues, please don’t take your arms over your head. Contact your chiropractor, Dr. Wilson Clark if you’re not sure.

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